Architectural Acoustics

As a team of industry professionals, the AKA Acoustics team fully-understand the complexities and intricacies of designing high-profile environments; providing an extremely-versatile toolbox of modern design services to help people build impressive, beautiful and highly-performant spaces of any scope.

We also offer a comprehensive list of services in Multimedia Studio Design.

Multimedia Studio Design Services

Recording Studio Design

AKA Acoustics provide a world-class design portfolio of construction and project management services for media production and entertainment facilities, from small but critical retrofits to challenging ground-up constructions. We strive to deliver complete, detailed and cost-effective solutions for all studio construction & renovation projects (including master planning, architectural design, acoustics, building services and construction administration).

Acoustic Testing, Measurement and Assessment

AKAA employ sophisticated methods of data-collection, analysis and modelling to determine and optimize existing acoustical conditions within a space, including Reverberation Times, Transmission Loss, STI Speech Intelligibility, Sound Pressure Level (SPL) distribution and Background Noise Levels. Measurements can be acquired both in-situ, or in laboratory-based environments for both technical design and legal purposes. All work complies to the latest international standards and industry benchmarks.

Acoustic Simulations and Modelling

AKA Acoustics use complex prediction and analysis software to model and study the behaviour of sound in a three-dimensional virtual environment

Room Acoustic Analysis and Surface Testing

Room acoustics is the science of controlling a room's internal acoustic characteristics by creating geometry, in combination with the creative use of surface materialisation using reflection, absorption and/or diffusion. Excessive reverberation can lead to poor speech intelligbility, high ambient noise levels, poor concentration and limited comfort - particulary in workplace environments where acoustic privacy/confidentiality remains paramount.

Sound Isolation and Structural Acoustic Analysis

Poor acoustic isolation may often result in unmanageable sound levels within a space. Increased sound levels can often reduces privacy, comfort and concentration; severely limiting speech intelligibility and having strong implications for noise health. AKAA offer a number of noise management solutions (both structural and airborne) for all residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Master Planning and Feasibility Studies

AKA Acoustics provides a portfolio of design and consulting services that support media facility conceptual planning, master planning, site selection and feasibility studies as well as timely, detailed and cost-effective advice on highly-sensitive and complex architectural construction and renovation projects. AKAA has extensive experience with sensitive architectural issues including historical renovations, additions and new construction projects in media production, corporate, government, education, broadcasting and cultural / entertainment sectors.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Compliance

AKA Acoustics can assist with the co-ordination and delivery of environmental impact statements, building compliance assessments, development applications and construction noise assessments to meet the various government regulations and building code requirements.

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