Multimedia Studio Design

From designing & calibrating large-scale public address systems and multi-format recording studios to developing immersive 3D audio installations and privately-owned Hi-Fi systems, AKA Acoustics can manage the design, procurement, installation and calibration of your personalised system.

We also offer a comprehensive list of services in Architectural Acoustic Consulting.

Architectural Acoustic Consulting Services

Theatre, Live Entertainment & Recording Studio Systems Design

AKA Acoustics specialise in designing and comissioning immersive audio systems for critical listening and multimedia playback, including world-class recording studios and mastering rooms, Dolby Atmos post-production suites, theatres and auditoria.

Media System Design & Equipment Recommendation

AKA Acoustics gives guidance in an increasingly-crowded world of devices, standards and practices - all claiming to be the "best" and "most future proof". Corporate, cultural, educational, residential and governmental sites alike are constantly striving to improve their media systems in an effort to stay on top of current presentation, communication, collaboration, conferencing and entertainment techniques. AKA Acoustics provides well integrated Audio System Designs based on the highest industry standards, while working collaboratively with its clients in developing long term visions, outlooks and strategies.

Audio System Engineering, Simulation and Modelling

Loudspeakers are complex electromechanical devices so varied and rapidly shifting that the market is hard to oversee even for professionals. AKA Acoustics' specifications are based on 3D acoustical software simulations and virtual prototyping of the venue or room where the architectural conditions are overlaid with the technical, aesthetic and budgetary criteria of the project at hand. Selecting the electroacoustic system most suitable for the space, after determining room acoustics and structural boundary conditions enables AKAA to achieve and exceed target parameters such as loudness level, frequency range, coverage, directivity control and speech intelligibility STI.

System Calibration, Tuning and Optimisation

Audio System Calibration or Audio System Tuning is the science and art of bringing the entire sound system to operate at its peak performance. The commissioning process involves AKA's highly experienced experts in audio measurement and sonic accuracy and is based on a sequence of tasks to obtain the maximum audio precision of the component ensemble installed in a space. Frequency and time-domain measurements as well as extensive listening tests are employed to carefully determine the correct placement, phase-alignments, crossover points, equalization and gain control of a loudspeaker-room system. Full documentation concerning component settings is issued by AKA for client’s reference.

Technical Research & Development

With an expansive professional network and access to one of Sydney’s most advanced university-based laboratories, AKA Acoustics can facilitate the conceptual design, prototyping and development of new software/hardware products. AKA Acoustics also offer formal evaluation and peer-review services for quality assessments, POE studies and design validations.

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