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The AKA Acoustics team fully-understand the complexities and intricacies of designing high-profile environments; providing an extremely-versatile toolbox of modern design services to help people build impressive, beautiful and highly-performant spaces of any scope.

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Acoustic Consulting Services

AKA Acoustics employ sophisticated methods of data-collection, analysis and modelling to determine and optimize existing acoustical conditions within a space, including Reverberation Times, Transmission Loss, STI Speech Intelligibility, Sound Pressure Level (SPL) distribution and Background Noise Levels. Our accredited team excels in a range of services, from advanced acoustical analysis to sector-specific solutions and environmental impact assessments. We pride ourselves on our adherence to international standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring solutions that are not only technically sound but also practical for long-term project success and compliance.

Theatrical, Recording Studio Design & Hi-Fi Solutions

AKA Acoustics provide a world-class design portfolio of construction and project management services for media production and entertainment facilities, from small but critical retrofits to challenging ground-up constructions. We strive to deliver complete, detailed and cost-effective solutions for all studio construction & renovation projects (including master planning, architectural design, acoustics, building services and construction administration). Endorsed by Dolby and globally recognised, we don’t just install systems; we create unparalleled audio-visual experiences.

Acoustic Panels

AKA Acoustics elevates acoustic panels to an art form, blending precise engineering with aesthetic brilliance. Our panels, crafted using advanced technology, offer diverse visuals, textures, and 3D effects. They feature varied shapes for optimal acoustics and incorporate functional elements like LED lighting. With a symphony of materials and unique finishes, our panels transform spaces into harmonious blends of sight and sound, redefining acoustic excellence.

Sound Insulation & Vibration Isolation

Master the art of acoustic peace with AKA Acoustics’ Sound Insulation & Vibration Isolation solutions. Enhance productivity, learning, and relaxation in diverse settings from offices to homes. Our innovative, eco-friendly approach ensures effective noise control, seamlessly blending with your space. Partner with us for tailored, enduring soundproofing solutions, designed to transform your environment into a haven of tranquility.

Acoustic Doors & Windows

Elevate your space with AKA Acoustics' high-performance acoustic doors and windows, gateways to a controlled soundscape. Enhance comfort, sound quality, and privacy while boosting sustainability and design aesthetics. Our diverse range includes everything from solid wood to glass doors, all CSIRO-tested. Benefit from our expert consultation, custom fabrication, and professional installation. Transform your space's acoustic environment with our tailored solutions.

Custom Acoustic Flooring Solutions

Discover AKA Acoustics’ custom acoustic flooring solutions, harmonising design and sound for optimal comfort and productivity. Our solutions feature specialised underfloor components for superior noise control, and a variety of finishes like luxurious Axminster carpets and sustainable timber flooring. We collaborate with top manufacturers and offer expert installers, ensuring each floor is a unique symphony of texture and tone. Transform your space with our bespoke acoustic flooring.

Acoustic Curtains, Fabrics & Textiles

AKA Acoustics presents an extensive range of precision-engineered acoustic curtains, textiles, and fabrics, tailored for every environment. From sound-absorbing curtains in auditoriums to acoustically transparent fabrics in music rooms, our products blend aesthetics with functionality. We efficiency and technical precision, transforming spaces into serene acoustic environments. Experience the acoustic difference with our bespoke solutions that cater to both aesthetic and sound requirements.

Acoustic Furniture

Personal acoustic excellence with meticulously crafted furniture, transforming spaces into sanctuaries of tranquility. Our range, from sound-absorbing pods to bespoke bookshelves, is tailored to meet unique acoustic challenges and design aspirations. Ideal for everything from quiet corporate areas to silent study zones in educational settings, our furniture combines traditional craftsmanship with modern materials, embodying both durability and aesthetic harmony.

Acoustic Lighting Solutions

Discover AKA Acoustics' acoustic lighting solutions, where functionality meets aesthetics, offering sound-absorbing properties and integrated speaker technology. Our versatile range suits various settings, from sleek offices to luxurious venues, enhancing both lighting quality and acoustic comfort. These innovative fixtures reduce reverberation and echo, creating a harmonious environment. Illuminate and transform your space with our elegant, state-of-the-art acoustic lights.

Isolation for Gyms & Swimming Pools

AKA Acoustics specialises in acoustic isolation for gyms and pools, tackling the unique challenges these vibrant spaces face. Our solutions include advanced sound absorption, vibration damping, and structural decoupling, ensuring serene tranquility amidst energetic activity. We offer customised materials and integrated planning, aligning with each facility's design and functional needs. Our expertise creates recreational environments that harmonise sound and activity without compromise.

Acoustic Air Ventilators

Offering advanced acoustic air ventilators, combining fresh air circulation with superior sound control. Featuring the Aeropac Passive Ventilator for quiet efficiency and Silencair Systems for silent ventilation, these products are energy-efficient and versatile, ideal for various settings. Customisable to fit unique project needs, they seamlessly integrate into any design, enhancing both the acoustic and aesthetic quality of spaces.

Mechanical Services & HVAC Isolation

We excel in mechanical services and HVAC isolation, offering precision-engineered vibration and noise control solutions. Utilising advanced damping materials, custom mounts, and sound attenuation strategies, our services include acoustic enclosures and ductwork treatments. We ensure seamless integration with building design and compliance with industry standards. Our solutions enhance building functionality and comfort, meeting the stringent demands of professionals.

Operable Wall Systems

Redefine space utilisation with AKA Acoustics' operable wall systems, a collaboration with Pro Space Innovations. These systems offer unparalleled customisation, seamlessly integrating into any environment with advanced sound insulation technology. Ideal for various settings, they provide dynamic space management with ease of operation and durability. Experience the fusion of aesthetic versatility, acoustic excellence, and cutting-edge technology in every installation.

Pro Audio & AV Solutions

As part of our holistic toolkit, we offer world-class bespoke Pro Audio & AV solutions, catering to a variety of sectors with expert guidance and state-of-the-art technology. We design versatile systems for diverse applications, ensuring alignment with client objectives through a collaborative approach. Offering access to world-renowned brands and employing advanced acoustical simulations and calibration, our solutions promise immersive experiences and audio-visual perfection.

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